Trinity's Rates

We like to keep it simple.  Typically, you’ll pay $75 per hour for our general property and project management services.  Your consultation is always complimentary, and we are never stingy with the free advice.  When you use our services, we’ll send you an invoice with a detailed breakdown of how we allocated our time on your project.  You pay only for the time we spend working on your behalf and the materials that we may use (pre-approved by you, of course).

Pricing is a little different when you engage one of our architects, plumbers, or web designers; expect an hourly rate closer to $135 to $150.  You may also elect to pay by the job—particularly if you hire our landscapers, surveyors, or heavy equipment operators.

Real estate commissions are typically six percent, and consulting fees can range in price.  In all cases, we will let you know up front, provide estimates if requested, and guarantee our work with licensed and insured professionals, where required.

For administrative jobs and general labor, expect to pay between $30 and $40 per hour—much like hiring a temp.  Again, all our work is guaranteed.