Get to Know Trinity

Stephen J. Ferrandi

Trinity Director Stephen J. Ferrandi grew up in the church business.  His father, Anthony Ferrandi, founded Church Restoration Services—a company specializing in the renovation and restoration of religious properties—and a young Stephen spent plenty of time learning the family business, eventually working his way from water boy to laborer to president of the family’s multi-million-dollar business.  With his construction background, Stephen likes to quip that he literally understands houses of worship from foundation to steeple (or minaret or cupola!).

When Stephen’s father retired in 1995 and the family closed the firm, Stephen parlayed his construction expertise into a successful real estate practice, helping congregations of all faiths buy houses of worship or purchase land on which to build.

Having worked with religious leaders, committees, and congregations for much of his career, Stephen identified a need in the religious market:  churches (particularly smaller ones) didn’t always have the time or the expertise to carryout all the work necessary to the support their membership and funding efforts.  Responding to this need, Stephen, along with his partner, Barbara Bindon, launched Trinity Church Management, a firm that understands the distinctive needs of religious groups and can provide uniquely-tailored support solutions.

Barbara Bindon

A big believer in stellar customer service, Barb Bindon worked with Stephen to assemble a team of professionals and service-providers, dedicated to the needs of the faith industry.  Having worked with Hewlett-Packard and The Disney Companies, Barb absolutely believes that it is possible to make someone’s day and solve problems in a single phone call.

Says Barb, “It’s easy for a person to become daunted by a task that is outside of his or her field of expertise.  Ask me to design a website or manage an HVAC installation, and I can do that.  But ask me to decorate a wedding cake, and I need to call in some help—fast!  It’s the same for all of us,” says Barb.  “We tend to procrastinate and fear the unknown.  And that’s why my team is here:  to handle the tricky stuff, to solve problems, and to keep the business of faith moving forward for all congregations.”

Complementing Stephen’s construction and real estate know-how, Barb offers a background in project management, marketing, administration, real estate, and multi-media communication.  She is the driving force behind Trinity’s knock-your-socks-off customer service.